Our Mission

World Shoe is a purpose driven brand that is transforming the world one shoe at a time. We will redefine the purpose of style, and the power of footwear through a concept born in Africa to transcend health challenges, built to survive extraordinary conditions, and exported for a world of conscious consumers who won’t accept compromise in fashion, function, or impact.

Buying them is about who you are.
Wearing them is about who you want to be.

How One Pair Of Shoes Started It All

Nine year old Manny Ohonme was selling bottled water at Rowe Park in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1980.

A missionary from Wisconsin was hosting games in the park that day. Manny noticed the basketball contest and decided to join in, despite never playing basketball. He won the contest and the prize was a pair of canvas tennis shoes. This was his very first pair of shoes.

Manny received so much more than a pair of shoes that day.

Dave also gave Manny the encouragement to believe in his dreams, reach for the sky, and never give up. This gift of hope propelled Manny to work hard at developing his talents and skills, including basketball. This hard work and confidence earned Manny a basketball scholarship to a college in the United States.

Decades later, Manny and his wife, Tracie, traveled to Nigeria to visit family. That trip changed everything. they noticed things were still the same – children were still walking around barefoot and families were still struggling to provide.

Back at home in their garage in Charlotte, NC a global movement was born.

Determined to make a difference, Manny and Tracie began Samaritan’s Feet in 2003. With help from friends and family, they began organizing shoe donations and readying them for distribution in the local community which began to grow and spread. They hosted shoe distributions where volunteers would wash the feet of recipients, taking that time to serve and encourage them. Today, through the efforts of Samaritan’s Feet and its partners, over 10 Million of people around the world have been served with a pair of shoes and a message of hope.

And it all started with one person giving one child a new pair of shoes.

Our Model

The World Shoe social enterprise is a multi-sector collaborative of for-profit and nonprofit organizations working together under one brand to transform the way businesses operate as market-based multipliers of social change.


Our socially-conscious retail shoe brand designing and marketing high-quality, eco-friendly, footwear and complementary products to engaged consumers and those in need of shoes throughout the world.


Our for-profit African-based manufacturing organization promoting prosperity and community transformation through meaningful employment for individuals and sustainable industrialization for emerging countries.


Our nonprofit advocacy and development organization working with governments and global health agencies to deploy World Shoe footwear as the foundation for large-scale global health and hygiene initiatives in vulnerable communities.

Our Message

At World Shoe, we are in the HOPE business.

Every pair purchased helps transform people, communities, and economies from the ground up.

Every pair purchased helps transform people, communities, and economies from the ground up.

World Shoe Inc.

International Headquarters:
4808 Chesapeake Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28216

We are helping people, communities, and economies from the ground up, starting with how and where our shoes are made. We’ve built our factory in Ghana and have plans to build in more African countries, creating a sustainable, impactful model that is making a positive difference to local economies.