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Promoting Health and Providing Humanitarian Aid

Samaritan’s Feet is the legacy nonprofit that served as the catalyst for the mission and formation of the World Shoe social enterprise. It is the source for our DNA in the HOPE business. To date, Samaritan’s Feet has distributed more than 10,000,000 pairs of shoes to people in need throughout the world and across the United States. As they continue to spread their global footprint, they continue to serve as a preferred distribution partner of the World Shoe social enterprise.

The act of gifting a new pair of shoes holds significant meaning, serving as a tangible foundation of hope for those in need. The Shoes of Hope distributions are designed to address not only the physical needs for footwear and hygiene, but also to inspire individuals through effective communication and heartfelt encouragement. Samaritan’s Feet is deeply committed to empowering hope and fostering the betterment of all humanity. Join us and help change the world from the ground up.

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Raising Awareness

Through engaging in dialogue with global leaders, implementing our comprehensive Wash&Wear initiative, and raising awareness about the crucial significance of protective footwear, the World Shoe Fund actively contributes to global health advancements, starting from the foundation.

Our primary objectives encompass promoting hygiene practices, facilitating vaccine administration, distributing essential food supplies, and offering World Shoe footwear to individuals in need. 

If you would like to learn more about our initiatives and get involved in our mission, we invite you to visit the official website of the World Shoe Fund.

We are solely in business to support those in need by changing their life trajectory. We know what a pair of shoes can do to dramatically change individuals' futures.

A portion of the profits will be directed to shoe donations and manufacturing opportunities.

How Can We Help?

Every pair purchased helps transform people, communities, and economies from the ground up.

Every pair purchased helps transform people, communities, and economies from the ground up.

World Shoe Inc.

International Headquarters:
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We are helping people, communities, and economies from the ground up, starting with how and where our shoes are made. We’ve built our factory in Ghana and have plans to build in more African countries, creating a sustainable, impactful model that is making a positive difference to local economies.